About Us

Segra owns and operates one of the nation’s largest fiber networks and provides best-in-class broadband and data security solutions nationwide. We’ve re-engineered our entire company operations to put you – our customer – at the very center of what we do. We also invest in the communities of our customers by hiring local technicians and managers and by continually upgrading our network infrastructure. With offices in 28 states and over 43k route miles of fiber, we are here to help make your business successful. As one of the largest independent fiber network companies in the US, Segra has a broad and dense service footprint nationwide. Segra is known for its next-generation infrastructure, cloud, security, voice and data technology solutions that can be customized for businesses of different sizes and wholesale transport services to some of the world’s largest carriers. Our network features the latest advances in IP, Ethernet, and dark fiber architectures, as well as high performance data centers.