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  • Healthy Kingsport

    [Who we are] 

    Healthy Kingsport has rebranded and we are shifting our focus to three new categories to highlight what we do in our community. We are expanding our partnerships throughout Kingsport. Imagine the possibilities, when we all come together.


    [What we do]

    Healthy Workplaces | Offering workplaces tools to increase health and overall well-being of their employees. We will provide wellness tips, health challenges, tobacco free policies and initiatives, educational speakers, employee engagement opportunities, and more.


    Healthy Schools | Helping schools become a healthier environment for students, teachers, parents/guardians. Providing things such as water bottles, refilling stations, tobacco/vape free initiative, healthy food drives, motivational speakers, youth leadership, positive childhood experiences, mental health awareness, general health and wellness information and more. 


    Healthy Community | Our hope is that every person in our region begins to take “Small Starts” towards a healthier lifestyle. Guiding the community to a healthier lifestyle by offering programs and events to encourage healthy eating, exercise, and overall well-being.


    [How to be involved]

    Volunteer | Partnership | Sponsorship

    Email us at info@healthykingsport.org

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