“Tennessee’s Bright Spot” embodies an ideal example of how rural and metro lifestyles can flourish side-by-side. An economic hub of a proud, historically significant region of the United States ['The Mountain Empire'], the city of Kingsport and its surrounding area have capitalized on a temperate climate, abundant natural resources, and a capable workforce to create a fulfilling, affordable, and accessible quality-of-life on every level.

211– Social Services Hotline
Making care to its citizens top priority, Kingsport’s community services are available to you by simply dialing 211. You’ll quickly be connected to Contact-Concern [sponsored by United Way], where you can either find help or give help to those in need.

Air Service
The Tri-Cities Regional Airport offers convenient local access to worldwide destinations. Just miles from Kingsport’s downtown, you’ll be on your way in no time.

City of Kingsport
Kingsport’s homepage offers a closer look at “Tennessee’s Bright Spot.”

Temperatures here in Kingsport are delightfully mild year-round [averaging 66 degrees Fahrenheit], and our temperate climate affords a spectacular display of all four seasons.

Kingsport features one of the most affordable costs-of-living in the nation, allowing you more spending power for your hard-earned dollar. In Kingsport proper, for example, residents pay no income, personal property, or vehicle taxes.

Department of Motor Vehicles
Need to update or renew your Driver’s License when moving to Kingsport? Click here for Tennessee State Resources.

Kingsport Chamber
Learn how “The Port of Kings” gives its businesses the “Royal Treatment.”

Officially chartered in 1917, Kingsport [notably, the only city with this name in the entire United States] derived its moniker since in 1774 from an early boatyard here on the Holston river known as “[Col. James] King’s Port.” Alternately known as “The Port Of Kings,” the “King of Sports,” and the “King of Hospitality,” it’s a glorious place to call home by any name.

Kingsport City Schools
Kingsport offers its residents outstanding opportunities for both primary and secondary education. Kingsport City Schools, comprised of eight elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school, is committed to providing excellence in education for all students.

When you’ve decided to make our bright city your new address, these utility providers will arrange all the necessities to provide for the comforts of home.

Visit Kingsport
The Kingsport Convention and Visitors Bureau’s web site is a great place to explore what’s happening in our bright city.