• CBAT/ETSU Internship/Co-op Hiring for Fall 2018

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    July 11, 2018
    We are ready to begin sharing information about fall internship/co-op positions with our students.  We use the CBAT Internship/Co-op Program System to manage opportunity listings for student review.
    If you have already created an account on the system, you can log in and “copy your opportunity” (see at the bottom of the page on an existing opportunity) in order to create a new listing for Fall 2018.  Do not edit an existing opportunity.
    If you have not registered on the system, please take a moment and register, creating a user name and password: https://business.etsu.edu/cbatcs.  Upon completion of this step, please “Apply as an Employer” (on left navigation) followed by “Create an Opportunity” at the bottom of the application screen.  Once your company is approved to participate as an employer in our program, you will be able to log on and manage your internship/co-op listings at your convenience. This entire process should not take more than 5 minutes. PLEASE BE SURE TO WRITE DOWN YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD.
    1. I am attaching the Employer User Guide, which will guide you through the process for posting internships and/or co-op opportunities with us. 
    1. Once you hire a student intern/co-op, Learning Agreement will appear on the left navigation. 
    If you need a refresher on how the CBAT Internship/Co-op Program works, please visit:  CBAT Internship Co-op Program Overview and review details, including CBAT Best Practices for Internship/Co-op Employers.
    Thank you for thinking of the College of Business and Technology for your internship/co-op hiring needs!  Let me know if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties with the system.